Penicuik High Street public Realm Scheme continues

7th February 2019

The work to improve the High Street and the top end of Bridge Street continues. A Victorian culvert has been discovered at the bottom of the High street which may date from the 1860’s.

Originally Penicuik High Street had open drains and channels taking water and waste but after a cholera outback in the mid 1800’s these were covered in and culverts were built with inspection chambers.

The culvert is stone lined with a stone arch. It needs to be filled in to make the pavement safe as the culvert is now reduntant.The position and dimensions of the culvert have been recorded  and the stonework will remain intact apart from the arch which has to be replaced with a concrete slab as it is crumbling away .

This is a sketch of the Culvert with some dimensions
Photo looking down into the chamber with collapsed arch
View from pavement looking into the culvert

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Heritage Lottery Fund