Traditional Building Repair and Maintenance advice

28th April 2020

Whilst the PHRP Traditional Construction Skills Training Programme is in suspension we have a few tips for owners of traditional buildings ……bit like gardening tips ….this is what you could do this week :

Go out and take a look at the exterior of your building , look at the roof , chimneys, gutters and down pipes with a pair of binoculars if you have them , remember , “a stitch in time …”, better to do repairs now than leave them until they turn into more difficult jobs later on .Look out for :

Loose slates or tiles that could let the water in

Loose or missing ridge tiles

Chimneys that have any gaps ,loose brick or stone ,loose pots

Guttering that is loose , missing , broken/loose joints, vegetation growth

Downpipes that are loose/missing , have broken joints ,vegetation growth

All the above if not addressed could cause water to enter the building , erode the brick and stone external walls and lead to expensive repairs later on .Please see attached home owners guide for further information.

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